Our Leadership

"For the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ" Rev. 1:9

At Cornerstone OPC we believe that God’s word is central to His worship. And out of all of the word-centered elements of public worship, we believe preaching is the supreme means by which God sanctifies His people and saves the lost. Thus, we place a high priority on the proclamation of the Bible, giving it the central place in every worship service. The church has no greater privilege than to hear God speaking to her through the preached word!We believe that Jesus Christ leads and governs His church through the ministry of ordained men called elders. Teaching elders (i.e. pastors) and ruling elders lead the congregation spiritually under Christ. We also believe that Jesus established the ordained office of deacon. Deacons lead the congregation in mercy ministry under Christ, so that the elders can give due priority to preaching, prayer, and shepherding.

Nick was born and raised west of Chicago where he came to saving faith during his high school years. In God’s kind providence, he met his wife, Tessa, while attending a small Bible school in Colorado, and they were married in 2012. Nick graduated with his Master of Divinity from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in the Spring of 2020 and shortly thereafter accepted a call to pastor Cornerstone. He, along with Tessa and their three boys, live just outside of Chattanooga proper. Nick is an avid writer and has coauthored Pastors and Their Critics: A Guide to Coping with Criticism in the Ministry (P&R, 2020) and Beginning: Family Worship in Genesis (RHB, 2021).